Playing Cards & the Creative Process

Shortly after posting photos of my playing cards project, I really got the bug to make them a reality. It was a project I did in my last year of school and was one of my favorites. The project was to design the foundation for a deck of cards, 16 in all. Now that I’m done with school and a good span of time has passed between first designing these, I am ready and motivated to finish the deck. I’m currently working on them and plan to get them sent to the printer by the end of June.

Let’s pause a second. I heard a great bit of advice from writer Neil Gaiman a few years that has really stuck with me. He was on the Nerdist podcast and talked about the questions and advice his fans seek out about writing. The most obvious answer to most of these questions is to JUST WRITE. (Which I think we all know to be true, but want a different, magic answer.) Another solid piece of advice is to FINISH THINGS. That second one has really stuck with me since then. It doesn’t apply solely to writing, but to all creative endeavors. Even if it isn’t that great, or you don’t feel the best about it, finishing something gives you several important benefits. Firstly, the freedom to move forward with the experience of that project and secondly, the feeling of completion. 

It takes a lot of focus and work to finish a project. When you scatter yourself too thin it becomes very difficult to continue and easy to get discouraged, but can also help you discover what you really want. Not every project is going to be amazing, but the experience of doing it and completing it improves your skill set and makes your future projects better. It also reminds me a lot of this Ira Glass clip.

OK, now back to the cards. I’m in. I’ve been working A LOT on these cards over the last week. I’ve finished up the number cards and am now completing the face cards. I’m going to post some of the process including ideation and sketches.

I’ve done the research and picked a place to get them printed. My goal is to get them complete and sent to the printer by the end of June. Afterwards, if there is any interest, I may offer a few decks for sale. We’ll see. Let’s get these printed first.

Thanks for reading.

Now, back to work.